Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas!

Bathroom wall decor ideas may improve the look of your shower and toilet area by hanging artwork on the walls, you add another layer of style.

We spend a lot of time choosing the perfect prints for the gallery walls in our living rooms, but we rarely do the same for the walls in our bathrooms.

A bathroom wall can be the ideal blank canvas to add a little style, whether you have enough space or dealing with a tiny space.

Keep things simple and contemporary or try mixing wallpaper and colourful watercolours with bright, strong hues.

Here are some of our favourite suggestions to decorate an empty bathroom wall.

15 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas:

1. A glimpse of Pattern:

glimpse of Pattern

The eclecticism of this daring Paper & Stitch bathroom is completely deliberate despite its brightness and flair.

Use wallpaper to add a splash of pattern, either all over the bathroom or only on the upper part.

Moreover, even if you might not have thought of your bathroom as a location to showcase your favourite artwork.

Placing a few aesthetically chosen pieces on a ledge or behind your toilet instantly transforms the space without spending even a single penny on remodelling.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Tile:

Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

The kitchen is one of the few rooms in your house that can accommodate a floor-to-ceiling tile installation.

Since when did you last see tiled walls in a living room? Use that to your benefit and do yourself a favour.

The finished product will appear extremely pricey and well-polished.

Experiment with various patterns, forms, colours, and types of grouts.

DIY a Gallery Wall

It need not be really expensive to redecorate.

Using printed pictures, a few rolls of colourful Washi tape and some bathroom design ideas can make a lovely gallery wall without making holes in your walls.

On the bathroom wall, arrange a group of related prints and make some fake frames out of tape.

4. Simple Bold Print:

Simple Bold Print

To add visual appeal and individuality without detracting from the minimalist, monochromatic feel, this contemporary bathroom from Little House of Four employs a print with boldfaced lettering.

Use your favourite quotation or slogan to create your printable wall art.

5. Install a Statement Mirror:

Install a Statement Mirror

Every powder room needs a mirror, but the distinctive frame can also serve as lovely, useful art.

Flea markets and thrift shops are the ideal venues to locate unique styles if you’re on a tight budget.

You can also experiment with metallic leafing or spray paint to make a unique item that fits in your bathroom.

6. Install Wall Decals:

Install Wall Decals

Occasionally, all your bathroom needs are a little bit personalized it.

A delicate wall sticker that reads “go nude” elevates the area especially.

And if this doesn’t provide your property with some uniqueness, we’re not sure what would.

7. Leaning Art on Shelves Built-In:

Leaning Art on Shelves Built-In

Wall art doesn’t necessarily need to be hung to affect the space.

The handpicked trinkets on the built-in shelves give this spare bathroom some personality.

And sure, this qualifies as wall art without a doubt.

8. Increase the Greenery:

Increase the Greenery

Living wall art is the best.

Install a handful of your prized plant kids right on the bathroom wall for an installation that gives the room a literal breath of fresh air.

Your shower’s steam will also provide a comfortable environment for your plants.

9. Think of a custom paint job:

Think of a custom paint job

Never undervalue the effectiveness of some painter’s tape and a pail of paint.

You can make any pattern from horizontal stripes to abstract patterns using a paintbrush and a little creativity.

10. Install a Gallery Wall:

Install a Gallery Wall

You’re likely pleased with the gallery wall hanging in your living room over your couch.

Shop a selection of framed artwork and start putting your design together.

We believe that every blank wall offers a new opportunity for a gallery wall.

11. Glamorous Focal Wall:

Glamorous Focal Wall

To give this stylish bathroom from A Home to Grow Old In an elegant personality.

It has a dramatic mirror, magnificent sconces, and a wall covered in wallpaper with a vintage theme.

The homeowner decided to leave the wall empty so that the wallpaper could be appreciated for its splendour.

12. Three-Dimensional Wall Decor:

Three-Dimensional Wall Decor

Wall decor can also be furnished.

This rustic, swaying shelf from a bathroom is gorgeous.

It simultaneously adds usable storage space and finishes an empty wall.

13. Single Monogram:

Single Monogram: Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

From making pretty spaces, we adore this kid’s bathroom.

It is stylish, charming, and unique.

The key is using complementary colours for both the monogram and the little floral wallpaper so that the bold pattern blends seamlessly.

14. Hang a Mural:

Hang a Mural: Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Murals are available in a wide variety of forms, dimensions, styles, and hues.

They are incredibly simple to install in just one afternoon thanks to the development of peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Murals are distinct from conventional wallpaper and consist of a single, substantial image rather than a complete pattern repeat.

Try an abstract design or choose something more straightforward like a snapshot taken directly from a natural environment.

15. Corner Gone Wild:

Corner Gone Wild: Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bathrooms are no exception to our love of lush flora; there is nothing we enjoy more than a space that is overflowing with it.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to replicate the lush jungle vacation feeling of this earthy bathroom.

Choose bathroom-friendly plants like spider plants, and consider growing them on the ceiling, shelves, vanities, or even the floor.

FAQ- Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas:

Q1. What type of wall decor is ideal for bathrooms?

Due to their lower propensity to warp or mildew, bathroom wall hangings that are expertly framed and have a sealed back frequently perform well.

As you may anticipate, ceramic and glass sculptures and dishes are excellent choices for bathroom decor.

Q2. How do you make an accent wall in a small bathroom?

A quick and simple way to create an accent wall in your bathroom is by using wallpaper.

If the walls of your bathroom are tile, this is a terrific alternative.

The colour of your tile is artistically complemented by floral wallpaper or other designs.

Q3. What should I put up on the wall of my bathroom?

In addition to photographs, you may hang numerous other wonderful items such as plants, shelves, signs, string lights, tapestries, macrame hangings, keychain hooks, mirrors, dishes, letters, wreaths, and garlands.

Nearly all of these components will give your wall decor a distinctive and lovely appearance.


A bathroom with fashionable wall art will stand out, it’s not necessary to hang only works of art on your bathroom walls.

For instance, open shelving has both a cool design look and practical use.

Remember that you have a variety of low-cost choices for bathroom wall decor.

You might use recycled milk crates or wood pallets to create an open shelving system.

Even though you could believe there isn’t much room in your bathroom, you need to get rid of that observation.

Without a few elements that also reflected your personality, a modern would fall short.

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