Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas!

The term “elegance” conjures up a wide range of interior design concepts from the Art Deco era’s high-ceilinged black and white living room determines the sleek minimalist elegant living room wall decor ideas.

However, if you want to give the room a sense of grandeur, you don’t need to try too hard to choose the best living room wall decoration ideas.

You can sometimes create a spacious living area that includes a classic, elegant design with basics like choosing dark wall colours and straight furniture.

With these top 15 charming living room wall decor ideas, let’s take you from simple to glamorous.

15 Elegant Ideas for Decor Living Room Wall:

There are many other imaginative treatments and nifty tricks that can be used to give an extra dimension to living room walls.

Although paint and wallpaper are the most obvious choices for simple and affordable living room ideas.

1. Try mirrors and shapes:

Try mirrors and shapes

Try to group mirrors together and arrange them in a bright spot or opposite a window.

They have a lot of space-opening potentials depending on heavy the frames.

you can either go subtle with the background wall decor or go dark with clean or metallic edges for a quirky and antique, and more hotel-like look.

If your wallpaper includes a graphic design, such as the above circular repeat pattern, try to replicate the shape with furnishings and accents in complementary colours.

2. Create a dramatic feature wall by painting a brightly coloured panel:

Create a dramatic feature wall by painting a brightly coloured panel

Painting a brightly coloured panel is another easy way to decorate a space and grab attention.

 A feature wall should be noticeable upon entering a room and make an immediate impression.

 It serves as the eye’s initial focus point before moving on to take up the rest of the space.

3. Consider using a wallpaper feature wall:

Consider using a wallpaper feature wall

Feature walls are very controversial, because balance is important to a comfortable living space, and this includes colour and pattern.

Incorporate those colours into your soft furnishings to fill any visual gaps caused by heavily patterned wallpaper.

Think about the mood you want to set in your living space.

If it’s a quiet and serene space, choose panelling for a subtle new dimension, and if it’s a family room where the kids play, add a bright wallpaper to match the everyday chaos.

4. Maintain a natural look with vertical wood panelling:

Starting with wall panelling ideas, adding vertical panelling to a room will solve both problems by directing the eye upwards due to repeating lines.

It also instantly adds elegance to the space.

This type of panelling arises in large sections that you simply attach to the wall, making installation easy.

 They are not only stylish and modern but also add a layer of soundproofing to the room.

5. Be subtle and play with shape and shade:

Be subtle and play with shape and shade

Paint and modest additions should be used to keep things simple.

 Beading, painted the same colour as the background allows natural light to fall on the shapes and cast subtle shadows on the wall.

 If you have architectural features, leverage them to make a statement.

You can also consider panelling because the highlights and shadows it creates add extra depth to a feature wall painted in a living room.

6. Try the 50/50 Paint Treatment:

Try the 50/50 Paint Treatment

Introduce a band of warm colours to go around the room to break up the all-white elegant living room wall decor ideas.

The stark white walls will be softened by partially painting the room with a soft plaster pink, which will also provide a more colourful backdrop to display the room’s furniture and artwork.

With a clean, straight edge, paint the centre wall from the skirting board.

Choose a darker colour for the lower part of the wall for a bolder look, but leave the upper part of the wall and the ceiling completely white.

7. Add wallpaper to living room walls:

Add wallpaper to living room walls: Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

You can add a touch of cabin chic to your living room with attractive wallpaper in a rustic, leaf motif.

Such earthy colours, wooden tones, and tactile surfaces will add depth and warmth to a basic interior.

Try wallpapering one wall, perhaps the wall behind the built-in couch or the wall behind the sofa.

Living room feature wall ideas are one of the easiest ways to improve a dull room.

Since they only take one or two rolls of wallpaper, they cost less than wallpapering an entire room.

8. Design a gallery wall for your living room:

Design a gallery wall for your living room

 Placing images or family photos is the easiest way to give personality to empty walls and it also provides a stunning focal point for the living room.

While you can decorate any wall, doing so on the wall behind the sofa is a great way to fill a large space.

The grid format of the gallery wall allows you to mix and match different art posters and photo prints while still creating a clean aesthetic, making it a great choice if you like to keep things neat and organized.

If you want to keep your wall decor simple, keep your art prints in two or three colours.

You can choose to use only black-and-white prints if you want.

9. Bring peace with a hanging garden:

Bring peace with a hanging garden

Plants and greenery are a natural choice for wall decor with a live wall display that will improve over time as the plants mature.

To cover a large area of a wall, combine hanging arrangements with trailing plants next to covered tubs and planters or baskets atop sideboards.

A good place to hang a variety of plants is a simple metal curtain pole attached to the wall with a row of S-hooks.

Take wall panelling to the next level:

A great way to hide less-than-perfect walls and a quick approach to adding architectural complexity to a space that lacks decorative elements.

This type of smart board and batten panelling adds instant character to historic homes.

Custom fully-panelled walls can be expensive, but you can easily DIY this effect by painting MDF trim and adding colour to look at fully-panelled walls.

For a relaxed look suitable for a living room, the panelling should extend to two-thirds of the height of the room.

10. Make a family gallery:

Make a family gallery: Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

 Family photos are always popular in the living room, but instead of random assortments on shelves, create a more organized arrangement with a framed display of family favourites hung together on the wall.

The display can be made uniform by using coordinating frames and mounts.

Using only black and white (or only colour) photos will also have a stronger visual impact.

 For a super-smart look, keep the display compact with frames arranged in rows or grids and make sure all spacing is uniform.

11. Put your living room on the map:

Put your living room on the map: Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Try painting a full-size mural on a wall that has tons of personality and a fantastic focal point.

A cosy reading nook or snug against a sepia-toned map looks fantastic when paired with a classic leather chesterfield and a traveller-themed trunk for a coffee table.

Once your mural is done, use the design you choose as a reference for the rest of the room’s colour scheme.

To give the mural more impact, paint the adjacent walls a matching background colour.

To prevent the room from becoming overly cluttered, keep the remaining furniture in check.

12. Create a feature with mixed materials:

Create a feature with mixed materials

Accent walls aren’t necessarily about colours and bold prints.

For those who are against colour, you may want to consider creating an elegant focal point out of a variety of textures and materials.

 The contrast between the marble alcove and the wood wall adds refinement and interest.

“You have to choose your focal points in the living room, as you do in most rooms.”

Select the point you want to create, then use other elements as a background.

13. Try something different with plaster:

 Try something different with plaster: Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

We understand that living rooms are usually fairly soft & tactile spaces, but this grand room makes a convincing argument for a harder, more abstract approach to wall coverings.

You can always counteract that by adding plenty of soft texture elsewhere in the space.

Choose furniture made from a variety of fabrics and consider installing a carpet or an oversized rug for elegant living room wall decor ideas.

It completely covers the wall to give some perspective to the room, which is illuminated by windows on either side.

Since this is also a library, we ensured that the environment is calm and conducive to reflection.

A long flat wall extension required something.

14. Choose luxurious space expanding wall coverings:

Choose luxurious space expanding wall coverings

Light, bright and airy rooms are fundamental to elegance.

A room with high ceilings and huge windows can look attractive even when empty.

However, since we all lack abundant depth and high ceilings, we often have to fake it instead.

All it takes is a creative wall covering.

A few years ago, you would never have caught us suggesting high-gloss paint and glitter wallpaper.

These beautiful living rooms and glittering walls are growing.

Because of the low ceiling, I created an off-white hand plaster finish with a subtle sheen to make the room appear larger and draw attention away from the height and towards the walls.

15. Curate shelves for elegant display:

Curate shelves for elegant display

Shelves in the living room are a terrific way to enhance the decor and increase storage.

Displays can be curated to include personality as well as colour, pattern, and texture.

Choose shelving that serves as more than just a surface for decoration; Choose something that will be a piece in itself and will enhance the space as much as it shows.

 Consider metallic finishes, mirrored shelving, odd shapes, and unique scales.

In this modern living room, fine gold shelving creates a pattern on the wall that almost looks like wallpaper and also serves as an ideal foundation for different styles of decoration.

The floating shelves are wall storage because they give you the freedom to change the look of the space and allow you to experiment with scale and shape.

 Leaning your artwork, family portraits, books, vases and other objects on shelves gives you the ability to create an authentic gallery moment.

Do All Walls Need Decoration?

Astounding can occur when there is too much activity in one area.

It is simple to become overzealous and attempt to decorate every wall.

Any great decorating strategy should focus on creating balance, so balance any place that feels quiet and visually busy with others with less activity going on.

Some walls don’t need much building because they already have windows, doors, chimney breasts, and other architectural characteristics.

The main places of first attention are the large blank walls.

Before you add any decorations, think about where you want to place the furniture.

 Decide where important pieces like sofas, sideboards, and storage units will be placed because furniture can be a wonderful space-filler.

FAQ- Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas:

Q1. What is the latest trend in living room design?

The living area has a lot of warm, inviting blues, peachy pinks, and stylish neutrals like sable, mushroom, and ecru that capture my eye for 2023.

Q2. What defines a classy room?

A beautiful one should not be expensive, but it should have a certain quality such as attractive colours, original shapes, wonderful height, or attractive materials such as linen or velvet.

Statement lighting adds a sense of luxury, whether it’s a pendant, table lamp, or ceiling fixture.

Q3. How can I make my living room luxurious on a budget?

Wall panelling is a good idea.

Play with textures.

In fabrics, pay attention to small details.

Turn off your “big light” so you can focus on the light.


Many people include some of the things we’ve mentioned above that give elegant living room wall decor ideas of glistening, gleaming items a touch and refinement.

But elegance is a matter of belief like most things in life.

Some people consider classic designs and simplicity to be elegant, however, make sure that your environment represents your individuality.

You won’t be able to adore your house until that happens.

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