Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas!

You may be looking for the most creative modern farmhouse bathroom wall decor ideas while renovating your home.

Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, it is a place that needs extra attention and care.

We perform our bodily functions, shower, brush our teeth, and occasionally apply makeup in the restroom.

As we prepare for the day here in the morning, and we wind down here at the end of the day before bed, it’s a functional space that must meet both our needs and makes us feel at home.

The best farmhouse bathroom designs offer a personal touch that makes us smile or want to relax in a warm bath instead of seeing this space as purely functional.

To create a home spa, you can hang family photos, display a sign with a humorous saying, or add candles and bath salts.

There are abundant ways to design a bathroom in the farmhouse style, we love the modern farmhouse chic design, family-friendly atmosphere, and traditional home decor.

The best farmhouse bathroom decorating ideas are as follows!

21 Stunning Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas that All Design Lovers Will Love:

1. Bohemian-inspired:


This stunning Polish property is decorated throughout in bohemian-meets-eclectic-meets-farmhouse style.

The bathroom is no exception with a neutral colour scheme of white and green that is visually enlivened by tasteful furniture, fixtures, and plants.

2. Vintage sink vanity:

Vintage sink vanity

An old writing desk converted into a bathroom vanity is part of this bathroom decor.

Using antique furniture and giving it new life is a very farmhouse approach to bathroom decorating.

A brass faucet and white vessel sink are added to the vanity top.

3. Household Elegance:

Household Elegance

The bathroom in this Maine apartment keeps things neutral in terms of colour scheme, but the contrast between old and modern adds intrigue and warmth to the area.

The room and the rest of the house are influenced by old objects and the owner’s wonderful natural environment to create a setting that is exclusively theirs.

4. A shiplap wall:

A shiplap wall

Shiplap walls are long horizontal planks of wood painted white that are a common feature of farmhouse homes.

The bathroom is a fantastic setting for this design!

Shiplap, a huge wooden mirror, and elegant black-and-white artwork are favourited farmhouse elements present in this room.

Although some people may not like quote art, this picture is a beautiful way to start the morning.

5. Rustic wooden stool:

Rustic wooden stool

You can keep small essentials during or after your bath on a rustic wooden stool that you can place next to your bathtub.

Along with the body wash, occasionally keep a little phone stand and a hand towel.

For those who prefer a more minimalist style, her wooden bathroom vanity and farmhouse sink look great together, and her straightforward design will appeal to them.

Additionally, adding a round mirror and a sweet little two-tone stool to the bath accessories works beautifully in this area.

6. Vintage brass fittings:

Vintage brass fittings

Choose aged brass bathroom hardware to give your bathroom a retro farmhouse feels.

A rustic, distressed aesthetic can be achieved by finishing items such as door knobs, shower rods, faucets, and sink faucets in aged brass.

 If the rest of your furniture and decor is more modern, this type of hardware will also look great in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

7. Black Flathead Wall Lights:

Black Flathead Wall Lights

Popular wall lighting options for a farmhouse home include gooseneck wall lights.

Here, two small gooseneck sconces that cast downward light over the sink are mounted on the wall above the bathroom vanity.

8. Standalone bathtub:

Standalone bathtub

If you have the space, installing a standalone vintage bathtub in your home is a great idea.

Both the old floral wallpaper on the walls and the exterior of this clawfoot tub are painted pink.

9. Jute storage bins:

Jute storage bins

A farmhouse bathroom storage solution is a neutral jute storage basket.

These handy baskets can be used to store small bathroom items such as hair dryers, hand towels, toilet paper, soap, and other bathroom essentials.

10. A ruffled shower curtain:

A ruffled shower curtain: Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

This white shower curtain with ruffles is a beautiful accent to a rustic farmhouse bathroom theme.

 It gives the room a slightly feminine, cottage-style feel.

White hydrangeas in a jute basket are a beautiful addition.

11. Traditional pendant lighting:

Traditional pendant lighting

Another fantastic lighting idea is to install these thin wood chandeliers, which give this bathroom a wonderful rustic country feels!

With only four bulbs, these tiny chandeliers are perfect for bathrooms where you don’t need a lot of light especially if there’s a large window nearby that can let in a ton of natural light!

12. Color Pop:

Color Pop: Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Interested in everything shabby chic?

Then a distressing vanity would be the ideal addition to your bathroom.

The white-on-white theme is completed with colourful accents and a striking mirror for a layered look.

13. Plenty of storage:

Plenty of storage

The bathroom vanity was fitted with a galvanized metal mirror, which looks right at home in a modern farmhouse bathroom wall decor ideas.

Exposed wood vanity with dark bin pulls also epitomizes “farmhouse.”

Without buying new furniture, you can add a beautiful, simple farmhouse touch by replacing your hardware.

14. Creative Chic:

Creative Chic: Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

The farmhouse is decorated with unique ornaments that are handmade in colours and patterns.

Designed and painted the bathroom wall treatments and added her personal touches throughout the room from the tub to the exquisite rug she bought.

15. Wooden wonder:

Wooden wonder

Those who prefer a more minimalist style will appreciate its clean and straightforward design.

The wooden wonder farmhouse sink looks amazing above the wooden vanity in the bathroom.

Additionally, a round mirror and a sweet little two-tone stool for the bath accessories are wonderful additions to this room.

16. Shabby Chic Sweetness:

Shabby Chic Sweetness: Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

A bathroom in shabby chic sweetness is filled with galvanized metal baskets, beautiful vases, and lots of greenery.

Imagine yourself putting on a face mask and lighting a candle in this serene setting. a wonderful way to unwind after a hard day.

17. All in the Details:

All in the Details

 All the details give the finishing touch to the modern farmhouse bath.

Candles, wicker baskets, and homemade soaps were encompassed which gives the area a pleasant, homey feel.

For those who prefer a little extra oomph, wallpaper with paisley and floral patterns is a lovely addition.

18. Pretty pink:

Pretty pink: Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

It can transform an old bathroom into a gorgeous farmhouse setting.

The room is warm with pretty tiles and a pink vanity, making it the ideal place to start the day.

A wonderful graphic element to add depth and texture to a space is penny tile.

19. Color-coordinated charm:

Color-coordinated charm: Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

The farmhouse bathroom features this stunning corner design with rustic wood shelving, colour-coordinated accent items, and holiday decor that add a touch of personality.

 Open shelving makes it easy to quickly grab frequently used products.

20. Color-coordinated charm:

Color-coordinated charm

Designed this wonderful nook in the farmhouse bathroom, which has rustic wood shelving, colour-coordinated accent pieces, and holiday-themed accent pieces that offer a touch of personality.

 It is simple to quickly grab frequently used products thanks to open shelving.

21. White and Blue:

White and Blue: Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

 Instead of the traditional black-and-white design found in farmhouse-style homes, beauty uses sweet light blues.

Colourful cabinetry is a lovely wallpaper design, and wooden details that pop against the blue give the space a lot of texture and personality.


We hope these farmhouse bathroom wall decor ideas have inspired you.

 Even if the decorations you choose are a little out of style, you can make your home stand out by making sure your family will enjoy them.

 The most important factor is that everyone feels satisfied and at home.

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