How To Build a Dog Washing Station?

Your best companion requires a thorough cleaning with soap and water and necessitates to build a dog washing station, whether it’s energetic trips to the dog park for routine maintenance.

Dogs enjoy getting their paws filthy. Besides, fun and dirt usually seem to go together.

Beyond grimy bathtubs and sloppy bathroom floors.

A DIY dog washing station for your home transforms your space into a designated pet care area where you can securely and comfortably wash your dog.

Basics of a Good Do-It-Yourself Dog Washing Station:

How to Build a Dog Washing Station

Splash Control:

Making a dog washing station is similar to making a smaller, altered shower stall.

Everyone who has a dog has witnessed the exciting scene when the dog shakes off the water.

The majority of the sprays and spills are contained by the 30-inch walls of this dog washing station.

Ideal Height:

This DIY dog washing station stands 30 inches tall.

Compared to normal kitchen counters, that is 6 inches lower.

To make it easier to reach the dog, most dog washing stations are at least 12 to 24 inches high.

However, depending on your height and the size of your dog, you can change the height of the station to meet your demands.

Supply of Hot and Cold Water:

Your dog will like lukewarm drinking water or room temperature.

In addition, warm water cleans more effectively than cold.

You would need a faucet that can deliver both hot and cold water.


It’s necessary to get rid of the used wash water.

This station empties into the primary drainage system of your residence.

How to Build a DIY Dog Washing Station?

Slice the Wood:

Slice the Wood

The two-by-fours were divided into 16 portions, each measuring 60 inches.

The remaining eight portions should also be kept because they will be needed in the station.

Create a piece of plywood that is 60 inches long and 36 inches wide by cutting the material.

Construct the side and back walls:

Build the enclosed dog wash with three walls as follows:

  • Back Wall:

The top and bottom parts are each 60-inch-long parallel pieces.

Between those two parts, four 60-inch sections are parallel to one another.

Ensure that the two side studs are at the end of those four 60-inch segments by spacing them appropriately.

  • Left Wall:

The top piece measures 36 inches, bottom section measures parallel.

Between the two segments, three 60-inch portions are parallel to one another.

Place those three 60-inch sections in the following order: the first piece should be at the very end, the second piece should be centred at 18 inches, and the third piece should be at 32 inches.

  • Right Wall:

Construct the right wall in the same manner as the left wall.

Construction of the Internal Structural Rings:

Construction of the Internal Structural Rings

With two 36-inch sections at the ends, construct a rectangle out of two 60-inch two-by-four pieces that are parallel to one another.

Duplicate to create a second identical ring.

Build the Walls:

Build the Walls

The back wall, side walls, and two structural rings need to be put together.

Set one ring at a height of 30 inches (or your desired height).

Six inches above the ground, position the second ring.

Fix the walls with nails to the support rings to build a dog washing station.

Install the Shower Pan:

Install the Shower Pan

Use nails or screws to fasten the plywood to the upper structural ring.

After liberally applying construction glue, press the shower pan into place.

After equally distributing weights across the shower pan, let the adhesive dry for a few hours.

Include the cement board:

Include the cement board

Attach the cement board sheets to the side and back walls with screws.

About every 8 inches, attach a screw to the studs.

Tile the side and back walls:

Tile the side and back walls

Install the wall tile.

In the beginning, use the notched trowel to rake thin-set mortar over the cement board.

Next, push the tile with the mortar.

When the tile has completely dried in place, drag grout over it with the rubber tile float.

Set up the Drainage:

Set up the Drainage

Using the hole in the shower pan as a guide, drill an identically sized hole in the plywood underneath.

The shower drain assembly should be assembled from above.

Installing a new P-trap (or using an existing one) and connecting it to the drainage system of the house are both done below.

Water supply installation:

Water supply installation: How to Build a Dog Washing Station

The back wall of the washing station should be where you mount the handheld shower head.

Connect the shower head regulator to the hot and cold water supply lines that run from the home to the back of the washing machine.

Include the Splash Guard:

Include the Splash Guard: How to Build a Dog Washing Station

The splash guard (MM) is made of an aluminium channel that has been cut and silicone-taped to the shower pan and tiled wall.

Caulk the channel into place once the silicone has dried to make it water-shedding.

Radius the outside corner and cut the splash guard to size.

With a fine-tooth file, smooth out all the sharp edges.

Install the splash guard in the channel, then caulk it shut.

Install the door hardware, shower controls, and hose bib before hanging the doors (KK).

A shower caddy, hooks, and tie rings are optional accessories.

Tips to Build a Dog Washing Station:

  • The dog can be difficult to remove from the station.
  • The majority of home improvement businesses have pre-made deck stair stringers that can be used to build stairs.
  • Shower pans are available in a variety of sizes.
  • You might wish to use a 36-by-36-inch square shower pan for smaller pets.
  • For your dog’s safety, place a shower anti-slip grip pad on the shower pan.

FAQ- How to Build a Dog Washing Station?

Q1. What height is ideal for a dog wash station?

When your hands are at your sides and you’re working, they should be roughly the height of your wrists.

Measure to your dog’s shoulder and add three to six inches to get the height of the walls.

Q2. What is the price of building a dog shower?

According to our study, the price of a dog wash station can range from $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the plumbing requirements of the area and the materials you pick.

The price may be as minute as $1,700 if you want to do it yourself.

Q3. How often should a dog shower each week?

Generally speaking, a healthy dog with short, smooth hair and no skin conditions doesn’t need to be bathed frequently.

Dog baths are typically performed more for the convenience of the dog owners than for the benefit of the dogs themselves.

However, it’s a good idea to bathe your dog at least once every two to three months.


Installing this dog washing station in a spare bathroom will replace the sink.

When you pick this site, drainage and supply lines for hot and cold water are already set up.

Additionally, the flooring should already be water-resistant because this is a bathroom.

If your utility sink already has hot and cold-water lines, you can convert it and use existing plumbing to construct a dog washing station in your laundry room.

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