How To Build an Outdoor Fireplace?

Build an outdoor fireplace for your backyard is the best way to make it even better.

Your backyard becomes a popular place for family and friends that makes your backyard becomes a popular place where people love to gather.

Barbecues, swimming pools, hot tubs, pergolas, decks, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fires are significant anchors for bringing people together.

There are a few reasons why outdoor fireplaces are worthwhile:

  • A fireplace outside makes a space more inviting to live in.
  • In your yard, a fireplace might serve as a privacy wall.
  • A fireplace might take up less room than a firepit setting if your outdoor space is limited.
  • A fireplace produces less smoke than a firepit, and the flames are better shielded from breezes and direction changes.

Step-By-Step Process to Build Fireplace Outdoor:

Find the outside fireplace:

Find the outside fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces should be placed near the house so that they are accessible but not so close that it poses a threat to safety or an annoyance.

Depending on local laws, an outdoor fireplace needs to be at least 20 feet away from the house.

Patio covers close by can enclose smoke.

The space beneath the fireplace needs to be sturdy.

Water in the vicinity needs to trickle away from the fireplace.

The concrete pad will eventually crack if water builds up around or beneath the fireplace.

Clean Up and Level the Pad Area:

Clean Up and Level the Pad Area

A 56-by-70-inch area of the ground must be cleared and excavated.

Level and flatten the earth.

Use the tamper to compact the soil.

The gravel should be spread out and pressed flat for about two inches.

Construct the Fireplace Pad Form:

Construct the Fireplace Pad Form

The two-by-six should be divided into two halves, one 40 inches long and the other two 68 inches long.

Build the concrete shape with a hammer and nails.

On the gravel, set the form.

Use the square to check that the form is properly rectangular and squared off.

Size the rebar as needed.

After the concrete has been poured, secure the form’s perimeter with wood or metal anchors to keep it square, level, and in place.

Pour the concrete fireplace pad:

Pour the concrete fireplace pad

Using the hoe and a mixing pan, combine the quick-set concrete.

Around the whole circumference of the form, place the rebar six inches from the edges.

Place the rebar six inches from the form’s edges around the perimeter.

Allow the concrete to cure for a few days.

The removal of the concrete forms takes one to two days.

The concrete will become sufficiently firm to work on in four to five days, and it will take about a month for the concrete to fully cure.

Place the wood box for the build outdoor fireplace:

Place the wood box for the build outdoor fireplace

Seven full-size blocks should be laid out in the shape of a U with three at the back and two on each side.

Placing the two half-size bricks at the U’s edges.

Set the blocks in mortar on the concrete platform.

In a three-block level box, this is the bottom row of blocks.

The blocks should be swapped for the second course.

The seams from the lower course should intersect in the middle of the blocks on the higher course.

The first, bottom course is repeated in the third course.

Prepare A Smoke Chamber:

Prepare A Smoke Chamber

Now that your firebox is complete, it would be wise to take a break and allow the glue to set.

Rack the block roughly 4″ from the front and 2″ from each side as you start to construct the smoke chamber.

Without a specific jig, it might be challenging to take an accurate measurement because of the tumbling nature of the blocks.

You can create a jig or simply use the finger technique as seen here.

It is as accurate as you ought.

Always keep in mind that something is nice if it seems good to you.

Construct the Chimney:

Construct the Chimney

After finishing the smoke chamber, you will go to the chimney.

This is a quick and easy way to stack your blocks while making sure everything remains level, square, and plumb as previously.

Up the chimney, it is the same size.

It will make construction easier.

Please create whatever wood boxes you have so you can stand on them as you build your chimney.

In addition to being safer than ladders, it is also simpler.

Using Chimney Extension kits, you may always add 48″ to the chimney’s height.

This will guarantee that your chimney can pass through any constructions or obstructions as necessary.

Add the Chimney Caps:

Add the Chimney Caps

Take your time and make sure you’re well-rested.

The resting portion needs to be taken care of because if you follow the directions, this will be completed the day after you finish the build of the outdoor fireplace.

The hardest phase of the entire build, after levelling the base is placing the cap; utilize ladders and a friend to help.

Make sure to review your strategy.

If the last cap is dropped, have a safety exit prepared.

Your body parts are more vital than the pieces of your fireplace!

Take your time and be careful.

The racked block’s ledges can also be used as a “stairway” to raise the block till the final heave.

Finishing touches:

Finishing touches

We must add all of our finishing blocks last but not least.

The construction’s smallest and lightest blocks are these.

They are used to make a mantle and trim the top of the chimney.

Since they are the only block that isn’t fixed into place, glue these trim pieces down firmly.

Before lighting the first fire, give the fireplace 72 hours to cure.

How To Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Tips & Warnings for Build Outdoor Fireplace:

  • It is necessary to confirm any laws and limitations about outdoor fireplaces with your local permitting authority.
  • A building permit might be necessary for your municipality.
  • When air quality is poor, local air quality controls may forbid wood-burning fireplaces.
  • To avoid disturbing underground pipes and cables while locating and constructing a fireplace, your local utilities will send a crew to your house to mark them.
  • If you want to build a fireplace, think about buying a kit. Fireplace kits remove a lot of the uncertainty from the building process.
  • For information regarding chimney placement standards, contact your local planning and zoning board. The common guideline is at least 10 feet (3 meters) from neighbouring structures and at least 2 feet (0.6 meters) taller.
  • A spark arrestor may also be required at the chimney’s top.
  • Be mindful of the dangers while using an outdoor fireplace on hot, dry days.
  • To learn more about burning regulations, get in touch with your community fire department.

FAQ- How to build an outdoor fireplace?

Q1. Which way should a fireplace be facing outside?

To reduce smoke and keep your fire better under control, keeping the rear of the fireplace facing the wind will also create a place where you and your visitors will be protected from wind gusts.

Q2. What is the best outdoor fireplace?

Wood-burning outdoor fireplaces are the ideal choice for enjoying a blazing, crackling fire, and they work well in both big and small patios and yards.

To save time and money, construct a fireplace from scratch, get a fireplace kit, or purchase one already made.

Q3. What is the cost of constructing an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace typically costs between $1,500 and $20,000 (or $3,000 on a national scale).

Due to the broad variety of sizes and personalization choices available, this price can vary greatly.


Outdoor fireplace build may be stunning additions to houses, creating a beautiful and useful focal point in backyards.

If you want to make an outdoor fireplace from scratch, you should do careful assessments even before you start building.

Use these instructions to create an outdoor fireplace that will last a lifetime.

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