How To Decorate a Brick Wall?

The architectural aspect is immensely appreciated by designers to decorate a brick wall.

The brick walls provide a timeless touch and are a simple way to make a space seem homey.

We enjoy integrating new brick accents into backsplashes and accent walls working with already-existing brick walls.

Keep reading for some helpful expert advice on colour selections and materials, hanging art, and preserving a wall’s individuality and personality throughout the design process.

If you love the appearance of your brick wall but are unclear decorate it to guarantee that it shines.

5 Easy Ways to Accent your Exposed Brick Wall:

1. Place open-backed shelves in front of it:

Place open-backed shelves in front of it

Even though the wall is beautiful on its own, you may still make use of the space it offers.

Keep the brick exposed by choosing a bookshelf without a back rather than one that is large and cumbersome.

Consider an industrial design with shelves made of natural wood and a thin metal frame for a complimentary appearance to the brick.

2. Lean heavily against it with accents:

Lean heavily against it with accents

Instead of hanging large mirrors or picture frames on the wall, think about leaning them against the wall for a more “grounded” appearance.

A small table or cabinet should be placed in front of the large pieces.

3. Add vibrant accents to it:

Add vibrant accents to it

A brick wall is made to stand out even more by bright, bold, and colourful furniture and objects.

You only need one standout piece to get extra attention.

4. Paint, stencil, or create a mural on the wall:

Paint, stencil, or create a mural on the wall

The brick must first be cleaned before primer is applied.

Before using new paint, clean brick walls using Trisodium Phosphate in the same way, you would any other type of wall (TSP).

 The majority of home improvement stores sell TSP.

Your brick requires time to cure and ought to wait at least a year before painting the new brick after installation.

5. Surround it with plants and wood accents:

Surround it with plants and wood accents

Increase the amount of nature around the brick wall by natural components decorate.

Add wood to picture frames, shelves, ladders, headboards, and side tables as accent pieces.

6. Add old and vintage components:

Add old and vintage components

Vintage suitcases are a wonderful choice, and if you can find the version with stickers of all the places the owner has visited, it will give your wall and space a tonne of personality.

Metal cabinets and ancient sewing machines are other vintage things that complement brick.

This design also works nicely with wire baskets, wooden pallets, and typewriters.

 If you take care not to go overboard, you may even make this a theme for your work or vacation.

Dark furniture and rugs go well with the antique industrial look.

7. Use paint:

Use paint

A total overhaul of the look is necessary.

Brick painting becomes necessary in this situation.

It will completely change the way the wall looks and feels, as well as the appearance of the wall.

A haphazard combination of colours or stencils might be used to produce an aged, worn-in appearance (think “old warehouse” brick).

Or, you could paint it a unique colour or whitewash the entire wall to make a more unified impression.

Before you begin, there is some preparation work to be done, and once the paint is applied to the brick, it is challenging to remove.

8. Hang things on the wall:

Hang things on the wall: How To Decorate a Brick Wall

It is possible to decorate your brick wall by hanging things directly on it after considering all of your other possibilities.

 You can drill into it, attach brick clips, or use adhesives, but you can’t just hammer a nail into it like you would with drywall.

Brick clips should be used for hanging artwork that you might wish to move about or adjust.

9. Hang photo-free frames:

Hang photo-free frames: How To Decorate a Brick Wall

When most people think of decorating with frames, they envision framed images or artworks.

But empty frames with the backing removed work just as well for decorating.

On your open-backed shelves, you may place the frame around the base of a vase.

The frames could also be adorned with ribbon or flowers.

Although various sizes and forms are enticing, you should limit these displays to one- or two-colour families to maintain consistency.

We advise creating a gallery display with framed prints and artwork displayed in empty frames.

10. Stain the entire wall:

Stain the entire wall: How To Decorate a Brick Wall

 If neither paint nor limewash appeals to you, a stain is a viable alternative.

While the other choices conceal or dull your brick, staining brings out its colour and texture.

Testing the brick for absorption should be your first step if you decide to pursue this course of action.

Water that easily rinses off the surface has probably been treated with a substance that will stop stains from adhering.

Selecting a stain colour for bricks is a significant choice like picking a paint colour for a wall.

 Fortunately, you can test out stain samples before buying an entire gallon at most hardware stores.

11. Illuminate with customized lighting:

Illuminate with customized lighting

Sconces, reveals, or pendant lights can be used to beautify a brick wall.

Sconces can be put back-to-back or with an upward or downward angle to illuminate your brick wall conically in both directions.

The greatest time to install reveal lighting is when a brick wall is first being constructed into a fold of the wall.

In front of the wall, pendants are lowered from the ceiling, they can warm things up and bring out some of the bricks’ colours.

Also effective are grazing, washing, and uplighting.

Installed in the ceiling, graze lighting descends the wall from the top.

Advantages to Decorate a Brick Wall:


An inside brick wall that is exposed is a great focal point in addition to supporting your home.


Bricks have a lot of texture.

A vital component of interior design, texture can instantly change the ambience of a space.

Chic Industrial:

The main goal of industrial interior design is to proudly showcase elements that most homes try to hide.


More abuse can be applied to a brick wall than to a plaster or sheetrock wall.

Disadvantages to Decorate a Brick Wall:


Bricks used for interior walls in older buildings and homes are generally of lower quality than bricks used for the home’s exterior face walls.

Moisture Issues:

Bricks are permeable, which makes them susceptible to mould growth and moisture issues.


Any rough surface attracts dirt like a magnet.

Cleaning an exposed brick wall can be challenging.


While bricks today come in a variety of colours, older brick walls are typically red.

The bricks may appear more pink than red if they have deteriorated.


A brick wall is not very energy efficient.

FAQ- How To Decorate a Brick Wall:

Q1. What is the best way to mount stuff on a brick wall without drilling?

Without drilling into the brick, users can hang portraits, mirrors, and other items on walls using devices known as brick clips or brick hangers.

Q2. Which type of tape adheres to brick?

The extremely strong adhesive on Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape was created for use on rough, non-damaging surfaces.

Use on rough wood, brick, concrete, stucco, or other surfaces for the necessary protection.

Q3. How should plants be attached to brick walls?

Brick clips are a great accessory for hanging floral arrangements on brick walls including bigger floral and foliage pieces.

Additionally, they offer a place to attach or suspend Oasis cages to give the wall a vine-like appearance, a fishing line can be tied between the clips.


It complements the equally popular industrial chic to decorate the brick wall; they are strong and sturdy.

However, bricks may have faults, collect dirt and moisture, and eventually fade.

Therefore, if you still believe that brick is the best choice, you must first clean the exposed brick walls before deciding to adorn them.

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