How To Paint Stripes on a Wall?

A stripes wall paint design, whether it’s a chic tone-on-tone colour scheme or a wonderful blend of vibrant hues, adds strong appeal to basic interiors.

With a few cheap items and your preferred paint colours, you can easily make a striped wall pattern.

Consider painting stripes on your walls to upgrade your decor if you’re seeking imaginative wall painting ideas.

High-contrast straight lines can improve the appearance of space in a simple wall paint pattern that DIYers of any skill level can complete.

We advise using painter’s tape to draw precise lines even though a steady hand and the right brush can produce a delightful hand-painted appearance.

Before you begin, collect some of your favourite paint samples and test them out before painting stripes.

Think about your stripes’ design in addition to colour.

Most rooms would assistance from the taller-looking impact that vertical stripes may provide on walls.

Similar to vertical stripes may make a long wall appear shorter, horizontal stripes can make a room appear bigger, also important is the stripe’s width.

Broad stripes look attractive in larger settings but could be overwhelming in smaller ones.

You may learn to draw straight lines, and how to paint stripes on a wall or ceiling step-by-step well as advice to tape off the wall for perfectly painted stripes in this guide.

Steps To Paint Stripes on A Wall:

Plan your striped accent wall:

Plan your striped accent wall

Vertical striped walls can be completed in a day or two and are a comparatively simple paint design for walls.

Want a compelling focal point?

Consider simple black and white walls with vertical striped accents.

Do you want a small area to appear larger?

Consider horizontal stripes in broad, neutral colours.

Collect the drop cloths, painter’s tape, tiny paint roller, and shades of paint for your walls.

Use a primer to paint your walls.

Measure Your Walls:

Measure Your Walls

Using a measuring tape and coloured pencil, mark your walls horizontally every five to twelve inches depending on narrow or wide you want the stripes.

Allow the stripe to fold around the corner or make necessary adjustments to your measurements to end with a stripe in the corner.

If you are striping a room with four neighbouring walls, measure the last four feet of the wall and change the stripe widths to meet the space.

Draw Straight Lines:

Draw Straight Lines

Hold the coloured pencil up to the level and extend each stripe line down straight toward the ground.

Draw your line as flat and straight as you can to make it easier.

At every one of your markings, draw a vertical or horizontal line, vertical stripes were produced for this tutorial.

The hash marks should be slightly extended vertically from the ceiling to the baseboard using a carpenter’s level.

To make sure the stripes stay even and parallel, measure them regularly.

Apply Painter’s Tape:

Apply Painter's Tape

If this is your first time painting stripes on a wall, you should keep in mind how important it is to position the painter’s tape correctly.

Painter’s tape should be applied with caution along the outer border of each pencil mark.

To make sharp, clean lines for your striped accent wall, press down firmly on the tapes inside the borders.

Paint the Base Color:

Paint the Base Color: How To Paint Stripes on a Wall

Use your base paint colour to paint the broader wall of the two stripes you marked off.

Verify that your painting overlaps the painter’s tape.

This stops the colour of your accent stripe from seeping through the tape.

To maintain track, draw a faint “X” on the stripes that need to be covered in the accent colour or draw arrows on the painter’s tape.

Cut-In Stripe:

Cut-In Stripe: How To Paint Stripes on a Wall

Each stripe has its left edge cut in.

Cut in along the ceiling with a trim brush.

Remove the tape as soon as you can, but no later than 60 minutes.

To get an equal, opaque colour, refill the paintbrush as necessary.

Each stripe’s centre should be filled in.

Long, vertical strokes should be used to paint the centre of the stripe.

The next stage can be completed using a roller brush if your stripe design is broad enough.

Each stripe’s right edge was cut in.

Cover the pencil line by edging the right side of the stripe.

Along the baseboard, cut.

Continue for each additional stripe.

With a little artist’s brush, smooth out any inconsistencies.

Always within 60 minutes, remove the tape.

Paint the accent stripe:

Paint the accent stripe: How To Paint Stripes on a Wall

If necessary, use a second coat.

Removing the tape will cause the accent paint to dry completely.

Until the last accent stripe is created, keep adding stripes and gently removing the tape.

FAQ- Steps to Paint Stripes on a Wall:

Q1. What is the best way to paint stripes on walls without using tape?

Simply use an angled brush to paint the stripes directly onto the walls for a lovely, hand-painted appearance; trace the guidelines’ borders first, then fill them in.

To keep a moist edge, it is ideal to work from the top down and in portions of around 12 inches.

Q2. Do skilled painters employ tape?

Professional painters generally advocate using painter’s tape.

Having neat edges and clear lines makes your painting endeavour look more professional.

But other DIY painters believe taping is time-consuming and unneeded.

Q3. Which tape works best for painting stripes?

Scotch Blue Original Multi-Use and Green Frog Tape Multi-Surface.

Scotch Blue often costs half as much but produces results that are just as crisp.


By following professional advice on painting stripes on a wall, you may stay inside the lines while coming up with really fashionable decor ideas.

Once you learn to paint stripes on a wall, there are countless ways you may change the look of your room.

While stripes give distinctive character, they can also be utilized to draw attention to specific architectural features in a space.

Use these easy instructions to paint stripes after selecting your paint colours and pattern.

With the use of expert expertise, you can rapidly obtain neat, exact wall stripes.

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