Staircase Wall Decorating Ideas!

Staircase walls are a vast expanse of space that requires some creative attention, which is where these staircase wall decorating ideas come in.

Plain walls can be transformed with the use of colour, wallpaper, or panelling.

This area of your home can also be given individuality with the use of artwork, wall sculpture, or other wall-hung displays transforming the staircase into more than just a means of transportation.

Here, we’ve included 15 staircase wall decorating ideas and advice from professionals to help you create unique and attractive hallway designs.

15 Ideas for Large Wall Decorating Ideas for the Staircase:

1. Add elegance with wall panelling:

Add elegance with wall panelling

A staircase is a great place to use this design element because it has limited area and allows you to make a big impact.

A staircase wall is given a sense of grandeur by decorative wall panels, which also create a stylish and understated frame for the stairs.

With this idea, add colour to the panelling or a pattern to the wall above with intriguing wallpaper to make an even bigger design statement.

2. Cover walls with matching framed artwork:

Cover walls with matching framed artwork

Why be modest when you can speak up?

You can’t worry about making the stairwell feel confined in a room that is already confined.

It’s almost better to decorate every inch of the wall surface to appreciate what you already have than to purchase new things.

A striking monochromatic colour palette and gallery-like white walls accentuate the striking black-and-white prints in black frames in this inspirational staircase design.

3. Choose a bold wallpaper:

Choose a bold wallpaper

Hallway wallpaper ideas are an obvious choice, and the appropriate stairway wall ideas can transform it from merely a circulation space to a destination.

As you walked into the house, we are searching for that powerful assertion and the Shanghai wallpaper.

We made the bold decision to utilize the cloth on the Roman shade and all of the walls.

4. Maintain an easy, functional aesthetic:

 Maintain an easy, functional aesthetic

To keep things straightforward in a narrow corridor, stay with little wall decoration.

Decorate in bright, neutral tones at all times.

Keep an eye out for the greatest white paint because it will work well with the room’s bright theme.

To avoid detracting from the peaceful, clutter-free vibes, add simple, understated ornaments to the walls.

This modern round mirror, a slim shelf for keys, some trinkets, and a potted plant are all present in the white hallway.

5. Select a textured staircase wall:

Select a textured staircase wall

If you want a subtle but distinctive decorative feature that gives the staircase wall a textural treatment.

The illuminated tree serves as a lovely beacon of welcome at this entrance.

To finish the image, we added a city grate replica.

6. Use prints to add personality:

Use prints to add personality

Use a variety of frames and prints to create a less traditional framed art idea that exhibits more personality.

These easy and inexpensive stairwell wall ideas add pops of striking accent colours to contrast the decor surrounding the prints.

Pops of pink and red stand out in this otherwise monochromatic style and draw the eye to the ornamental area.

Additionally, to make the area feel cosier, the homeowner decided to keep a laundry basket in the space under the stairs.

7. Consider using one of these mirror display ideas:

Hanging hand-held patterns will make a bigger impression than simply hanging mirrors to reflect light and add interest.

The inclusion of a collection of various mirror patterns, which are all placed to create an alternate gallery wall that gives this staircase wall decorating ideas a unique flair.

8. Create a mirror wall to add light and space to a landing:

Create a mirror wall to add light and space to a landing

Try hanging a variety of mirrors to cover an entire wall on a landing, using the same idea of utilizing mirrors to bring light and decoration to a stairwell.

The style is given a trendy Cottagcore charm touch by ornate mirrors.

To find a variety of antique mirrors, visit charity shops and boot sales.

9. Make a temporary home office:

Make a temporary home office

If space is at a premium, a clever landing concept is to set up a little home office in the area above the stairwell.

Make the area feel more like an office by mounting storage cubes and inspirational art on the walls.

Being on a landing may not always seem the most practical position for an office.

Some stairwell wall designs focus entirely on making the most of unused space.

You can accomplish this by constructing an office space over a flight of steps, however, it also spares you from being required to set up in a “public” area.

10. Use the place for jacket and shoe storage:

Make the most of the restricted space by giving it a purpose.

Coats can be hung up in this small spot on the landing.

It also includes open shelves with drawers above, a smart concept for corridor shoe storage.

The area is valuable to use for such a practical purpose because it would otherwise go unused.

11. Use a smart wallpaper to create the illusion of space:

Use a smart wallpaper to create the illusion of space

Use a tromp wallpaper to give your stairwell wall ideas depth by giving the wall the appearance of being lined with bookcases.

Even while the layout appears cluttered, it adds depth since the correct paper can make it appear as though there is an additional layer of storage.

12. Make use of the wall for clever storage techniques:

Make use of the wall for clever storage techniques

Ideas for staircase decorating wall might be quite useful.

As overflow from the rooms beyond, use the walls at the head of your stairwell to create surprise storage.

The appropriate spot to put books to avoid overcrowding a small kid’s room on the landing’s simple book ledges.

13. Mix colours to add depth to the room:

 Mix colours to add depth to the room

As an alternative to painting the steps, highlight the stairs with a striking accent colour, like cheery yellow.

On the top side of the wall, a calm grey colour creates a lovely contrast.

14. For a showpiece wall, combine wallpaper and mirrors:

For a showpiece wall, combine wallpaper and mirrors

With the help of a feature hallway wallpaper concept, brighten up the space at the top of the stairs.

Mirrors have been placed on top to ensure that everyone can see that wall.

The space will feel lighter and more spacious thanks to the mirror’s ability to reflect light from overhead lighting as well as daylight.

Frameless mirrors like these designs in the old style, function best when the glass completely blends into the design behind them.

There is a potential that a frame will stop the flow.

15. Go unique with a painted mural:

Go unique with a painted mural

Introduce a whimsical mural to a blank room to add a fun element.

You might decide to stay with a stencilled design or go freestyle.

Painted stairway wall ideas are a fantastic way to add distinctive appeal to walls.

FAQ- Staircase Wall Decorating Ideas:

Q1. What should you do with the stairway space?

Convert the empty area beneath the stairs into a comfortable home office.

Make your children’s secret room in the area beneath the stairs into a concealed alcove in the playroom.

Use of the space under the stairs by painting a bespoke mural on it or using blackboard paint for some functional art.

Q2. What can I hang on the wall above the stairs?

Wall art is another option for the empty wall at the top of the stairs whether or not the wall is painted a different colour.

Depending on your preferences, you can fill the wall with framed pictures of your family or the natural world or utilize the space to hang old record covers, movies, or sports posters.

Q3. How should pictures be arranged on the wall of a staircase?

Consider a straight line parallel to the stairway’s angle when placing your photographs in the stairwell.

Arrange your pieces of art such that the imaginary line runs through the middle of the larger prints and touches the corners of the smaller prints.


From the traditional gallery walls of framed paintings to creative paint ideas to make a style statement, there are many staircase wall decorating ideas and hallway ideas.

For maximum style effect in a small space, wall panelling and colourful wallpapers can produce statement design components that are worth considering.

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