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House Modify is an excellent source of interior design, architecture, gardening, furniture design, interior decorating trends, and home renewal techniques.

We are committed to help you live the best life by delivering inspiration and educational information.

Based on the concept of ‘style reflects the individual’, we are a modern resource that inspires practical ideas with neutral perspectives.

We provide safety and confidence to readers by offering educational materials on worldwide trends in design concepts, external and interior styles, and customized living and work sectors.

Since 2017, our goal has become the latest innovation in architecture, interior design, home renovation and repair techniques.

With the common-sense approach available to everyone, we look forward to bringing more home design discoveries.

On behalf of our team, we thank you for being a part of our incredible journey, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

About Us Housemodify

Having started in an era when switching digital was a rather mindful decision for designers to invest in.

House Modify became the Most Trusted Digital Publication Media, resulting in a Digital Footprint of their operations and a stepping stone to explore a wide range of prospects.

The House Modify was established by a team of civil engineers and designers who believe in and appreciate the efforts that contribute to any excellent design.

Our influential team explores the best works from both recognized and rising designers, delivering a unique choice and comprehensive evaluation available to our trusted readers.

House Modify is more than just project publications. Our long-term vision is to create, operate, and maintain this creative community.

Being firmly established in our fundamental beliefs puts us ahead in the media and publication industry, while we celebrate our milestones with various community growth-focused programs for our national and worldwide communities.

Our commitment to human written material:

All the content on our blog is written by humans. We withhold high editorial standards and perform rigorous fact-checking – a job best suited for people.

Information written by ChatGPT and similar AI chatbots often contains misleading or wrong information.

We provide the honest and accurate tips, tutorial and home advice.


Rahul Aute (B.E. Civil)

I am Rahul, a civil engineering graduate. I am passionate about design, land development, and construction. I am a builder currently employed as a civil engineer.

Priyanka Jadhav-Aute (B.E. Civil)

I’m Priyanka, and I’m obsessed with design, decoration, and interior design. I am a serial designer, currently employed as a civil engineer.

Our team:

We have a team of expert writers, everyone brings knowledge, personal experiences, and the ability to express ideas in their own words.

Our goal is to change that passion for our readers so that we will help them to reach their lives and work environment.


We like to hear from our readers. It’s one of the reasons why we’re still going strong.

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