Large Wall Decor Ideas!

Do you need inspiration for large wall decor ideas?

Those walls are brimming with possibilities, and a few improvements may turn a house into a home.

Keep reading If you’re ready to turn those plain, barren walls into stylish focus spots.

We have methods to accentuate your walls and highlight your individuality.

Whether you’re an art collector, a reader, or a nature lover, you may decorate your walls to showcase the things you value.

Discover 15 wall decor ideas to add more style to your house as follows.

15 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space:

1. Use a large split canvas picture:

Use a large split canvas picture

Printing your favourite family photo on multiple canvases is a great way to add your unique touch and cover a large area.

The canvases are joined together to form one painting (usually three or four).

It could be a snapshot of your wedding, a family portrait, a photo of your pet, or a view of your favourite scenery.

Any image you choose will be an ideal decoration for your room.

Depending on the size you choose, it takes up a lot of space and adds a unique touch that you’ll love to see every day.

Making this decision has the benefit of allowing you to alter your mind afterwards.

There’s no long-term commitment and nothing needs to be renewed if you decide to take a different route.

If you want to use this area for something else, you can easily remove the huge canvases and replace them with anything you choose, with no restrictions.

2. Display your favourite artwork:

Display your favourite artwork

Use these wall decor ideas to hang your favourite pieces of art.

Whether it’s a canvas painting by your favourite artist, a print from your favourite photographer, or a 3D design, you may utilize it to spruce up this room.

If you can find one, make a canvas of your favourite artist the centrepiece of the room.

To direct light over the painting, use pendants or wall sconces.

The dramatic effect of additional lighting will draw your eyes and attention.

To bring out the true beauty of the shot, print it on canvas or choose a gorgeous frame.

Lay out some newspapers, purchase a large canvas and a variety of paint colours from your neighbourhood arts and crafts store, and enlist the help of your children to create an abstract painting.

3. Use shiplap to create an accent wall:

Use shiplap to create an accent wall

You can turn your massive wall into an accent wall to make the area a show-stopper, even if you want to decorate it with smaller items.

Adding texture will add interest and contrast to an area without making it feel cluttered.

By adding horizontal shiplap, you can give your room texture and create clean, horizontal lines that help make an area appear larger.

Use vertical shiplap to contrast other features in the room and give the illusion that the space is taller.

Even now, vertical shiplap is a simple and effective way to add interest to a wall.

The best thing about shiplap is to put pictures or decorate.

The wood can be left natural or painted white for a farmhouse-style appearance.

To add depth and a contemporary feel, you can paint in a bright, rich colour like midnight blue.

4. Install your television:

install your television

Your TV should be installed.

A flat screen can transform the aesthetic of your living room or bedroom, improve the area above your tv cabinet, and enhance the wall.

Additionally, some televisions, such as the aptly named “The Frame”, look like artefacts when turned off.

To display the photographs, you want on your screen, use Samsung’s Ambient Mode.

5. Use vibrant colours:

Use vibrant colours: Large Wall Decor Ideas

Choose a striking colour if you want to make a statement or create a conversation.

Since of its size, the area is likely to attract attention, so why not have fun with it?

Paint your French-style home dark blue with the muted hues and natural design theme of your interior.

Contrasting hues in your interior will keep this wall space from feeling too dreary or unwelcoming.

By adding this striking colour, you’ll avoid the pressure of stuffing the wall with extra objects.

The space will stand out and have a personality just from the colour scheme.

6. Show a picture of the sculpture:

Show a picture of the sculpture

Sconces give an additional source of light without taking up room on the floor or a side table.

Select distinctive wall decor ideas that serve as wall sculptures to bring elegance and light.

7. Try to be more eco-friendly:

Try to be more eco-friendly: Large Wall Decor Ideas

Plants don’t just have to be on the windowsill.

Consider hanging or mounting pots on your walls to decorate them with some greenery and fauna.

If you don’t like water much, you can choose a wonderful artificial plant instead (and probably no one will be the wiser).

8. Hang a large calendar on the wall:

 Hang a large calendar on the wall

On the wall of a kitchen or workplace, a giant calendar looks amazing.

Track your event while incorporating a specific element to bring your venue to life.

Choose a bold, vibrant calendar with a sans-serif typeface to create a modern style and add some colour.

9. Mount your bicycle on the wall:

Mount your bicycle on the wall

If you design an attractive and sophisticated wall-mounting system for your bike, your empty wall will have floor space and a more attractive focal point.

This is the coolest and most useful wall decor ideas.

10. Use attractive wallpapers:

Use attractive wallpapers

There are a variety of wallpaper choices that can make this area interesting and one-of-a-kind on its own.

A safe approach to experimenting with different colours and textures is to add wallpaper.

It usually costs more than paint and needs to be installed, but you’ll still have fun with it.

To liven up a room, consider adding wallpaper with a pattern or texture instead of a solid colour.

You can also hire regional artists to help you create a unique wallpaper in the style of drawing or design.

With wallpaper, you have the opportunity to make a statement or design because the possibilities are truly limitless.

11. Create two unique spaces with wood accents:

Create two unique spaces with wood accents: Large Wall Decor Ideas

if a wall separates many spaces, such as the kitchen and dining area or the living room.

Vertical wooden panels can be used to create two separate spaces.

To complement the rooms properly, you can use different decorations on each side.

You can create distinction in different areas of the house that would not feel distinct by adding wooden accents to the walls with the same colour.

Your home will look more comfortable and each room or space will be able to function independently.

12. Add vintage shutters or windows:

Add vintage shutters or windows

Hanging old window glass can add a whimsical and unexpected touch to your home decor.

This is a fantastic choice if your home is decorated in a French country or farmhouse style.

Your home will look great with antique window frames, glass or no glass.

This will help you divide the wide-open area and add an interesting feature that is unusual in other houses.

Add wooden shutters to antique window sides for extra-large rooms.

You’ll cover more ground and wood shutters will enhance the overall effect of this decor optimal.

13. Make a collage with mirrors:

Make a collage with mirrors: Large Wall Decor Ideas

If you’re looking for a contemporary way to wall decor ideas for a large area of your home, consider making a mirror collage.

Using mirrors of different shapes, sizes and colours is a modern way to add interest and beauty to your home.

Mirrors will complement the clean lines and metal finish of any mid-century modern or industrial-style home, making them a perfect choice.

Your mirror collage will be a creative way to enhance your style and offer something unique to an otherwise empty room.

14. Install wall-mounted light fixtures:

Install wall-mounted light fixtures

Finding a light source attached rather than suspended from the ceiling can significantly change the mood.

Try getting several rustic sconces to place in a wide-open room in a farmhouse-style home.

To divide a large area, try to pick three identical ones and space them evenly.

They are useful and practical as they will brighten up your space, but they also double as inexpensive decorations.

Try a new strategy if your home is contemporary or industrial.

Create an unusual form from old pipes and attach open lamps to the ends for lighting.

15. Use the console table:

Use the console table: Large Wall Decor Ideas

Designing an environment that is equally aesthetically pleasing and practical can be difficult.

By placing a console table against your large wall, you can divide the area and add useful storage.

To stay within your budget, you can also find the ideal console table at an antique or thrift store.

By adding a console table, you can distract from a large area by placing lamps, books, and other small items on the table.

You can improve your overall style by choosing a table that complements your personality and the rest of your home.


A large wall decor ideas in your great room gives off an eerie vibe as it provides a sense of authority and perspective.

Make the most of this chance to produce a “wow” moment.

Have fun with this room and make the most of the size!

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