Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas!

There are many inexpensive cheap retaining wall ideas to improve our living space.

You don’t want to spend more than you can afford when choosing your landscape design while considering a retaining wall.

It is a beautiful construction that holds dirt or any other piece of earth firmly and in place.

They are frequently higher than a garden wall that can support a great deal of weight.

The good news is that you can build a retaining wall and save money with a little time and work.

Check out these inexpensive cheap DIY retaining wall ideas & designs.

So, Let’s get started!

What is the Cheapest Material for Building Retaining Walls?

If you are an expert in DIY home improvement you can be successful, but consider the costs, risks, and hard work involved.

Consult a professional if you don’t feel confident doing it.

You can build a retaining wall as affordably as possible with the following types.

Wood or Timber:

Wood or Timber

Cost: between $1,000 to $2,000 in total.

A wood or wooden wall is inexpensive cheap retaining wall ideas if your budget is tight.

The wood is pressure treated & they can be built up to a height of four feet.

Although these walls are cheap, they still have some drawbacks.

  • They are not as durable as a stone or cinder block wall support.
  • Wood is difficult to transport because it is delivered in large pieces.

If you appreciate the natural look, wood retaining walls are beautiful, but if you want one taller than four feet, you’ll need help building one because of its size.

Natural Stone:

Natural Stone

Cost: 5,000 to 10,000 dollars overall.

Let’s say you want something that will last longer than wood but still enjoy the natural environment around your patio.

A retaining wall made of natural stone is the best buddy.

For good reason, homeowners have used them for centuries because they are rustic.

You can plant them anywhere on your land and they can maintain themselves.

The size of your property doesn’t matter.

This is something that many landscaping companies enjoy building.

This enables you to select the appropriate stone from the large selection that is offered.

For this, consulting an expert or doing it alone is time-consuming and unsafe.

Bricks or Stone Blocks:

Bricks or Stone Blocks

Cost: About 11 and 15 cents per square foot is the price.

Although retaining walls made of stone or brick are more inexpensive cheap retaining wall ideas than those constructed of blocks, the price speaks for itself.

They are both beautiful and difficult, but the caution is that you have to stack them correctly to keep them safe.

Here again, specialists are a shelter to prevent you from worrying about a large wall falling and injuring yourself or a loved one.

Instead of using stone blocks, consider using bricks or concrete if you want to keep the overall cost down.

Concrete Cinder Blocks:

Concrete Cinder Blocks

Price: Somewhere between $3,2,000 and $8,6,000 overall

This block wall is made of landscape blocks.

They are the first item that comes to mind when you consider a retaining wall because they are frequently used.

If you choose the style, pattern, or colour that appeals to you the most, then your landscaping company will have no problem moving and erecting them.

Additionally, you don’t have to compromise on quality as they hold up well over time.

Poured Concrete:

Poured Concrete Wall

Cost: between $20 and $25 per square foot

Concrete that has been poured is a solid material for retaining walls, however, you cannot contest this alone.

Concrete should be poured vertically by experts in landscaping.

This means you need a skilled person who carefully plans and follows all steps of the process.

Remember that any future repairs are expensive and time-consuming.

Top 5 Most Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas:

1. Old Wood Retaining Walls:

Old Wood Retaining Walls: Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas

Your landscaping requires a load-bearing wall.

You love the natural look of crushed stone, but after researching prices you find that they are too expensive.

You have a small to medium-sized space, but you can make it bigger.

Walls made of wood can change, however, the majority choose the same general content including hardwood and treated pine.

Some of them are supported by vertical wooden pillars and appear to run on horizontal wooden pillars along their length.

However, if you prefer a more rural setting, some people choose vertical tree stumps that are firmly planted in the ground.

Total cost: $9 to $46 per square foot.

They are cheap, so they won’t last forever with proper care, they last for many years.

Additionally, they take some time to put together and mix well in most environments.

2. Cinder Block Retaining Wall:

Cinder Block Retaining Wall: Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas

You enjoy using straight, stacked shapes in your landscape.

If you prefer a modern or natural aesthetic for your modest patio, you want a wall that requires minimal maintenance and will last a long time.

Cinder is used to make each block of the retaining wall, they are small, grey, and rectangular.

Total cost ranges from $20 to $125 per square foot.

Concrete-like design without the high cost.

Cinder blocks are not particularly heavy, they are also useful in small spaces, although you can expand them if necessary.

They look simple at first but eventually develop moss for some time.

3. Railway Sleeper Wall:

Railway Sleeper Wall: Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas

You want distinctive and organic inexpensive cheap retaining wall ideas, but your budget is limited.

A landscaping business builds vertical railroad sleepers from the ground also known as railroad ties.

They stay on the ground while allowing a peak view of your breathtaking surroundings.

Total Cost: About $75 per sleeper.

They may not last forever, but they are cheap and the components are easy to find and assemble.

In autumn, they look stunning and organic.

4. Poured Concrete Wall:

Poured Concrete Wall: Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas

Imagine you enjoy concrete but you don’t want to spend that much money on concrete blocks.

You have access to any size outdoor space and don’t want to be limited by size.

Concrete, gravel, and gravel are mixed to create a poured concrete wall.

Although squares and rectangles can be practically any shape you can imagine.

Total cost: $20 to $25 per square foot.

You can’t do it alone.

Additionally, planning and carrying it out take a lot of time.

You can choose its size and utilize it for small, medium, or large outdoor locations.

5. Stone/Natural Stone Wall:

 Stone/Natural Stone Wall: Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas

You need a modest retaining wall.

All you need is a natural colour stone and you don’t want to pay extra for cement or mortar.

A natural wall made of stacked stone or stone is a good choice, it has texture, is flat, and combines neutral hues.

Their total cost is $8,500 on average.

A high-end one is expensive as you get what you pay for. You can find them yourself; they are durable and they are strong. But to stack them safely and successfully, you need a specialist.

What kind of retaining wall is the cheapest?

The least expensive sort of retaining wall is made of poured concrete.

Poured concrete costs $4.30 per square foot, interlocking concrete blocks $5.65, pressure-treated pine $6.15, and stone about $11.

Installation and other materials like drainage stones or filter cloth are not included.

FAQ- Inexpensive Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas:

Q1. What is the least expensive garden wall to construct?

The less expensive choice is a single-skin brick wall because a double-skin brick wall is fundamentally more durable.

A single-skin brick wall is an excellent choice if your wall won’t be higher than 500mm because you won’t require the added durability that a double-skin brick wall may offer.

Q2. Are blocks more affordable than a concrete retaining wall?

The price of a building typically varies from location to location.

However, poured wally cost roughly 20% less than brick foundation walls.

Q3. Are retaining walls made of wood less expensive?

Block walls are more expensive than less expensive timber walls.

Timbers are simple to install, making them suitable for both DIY homeowners and landscapers.

They are straightforward, gorgeous, and the “old trusty” for homeowners and landscapers.


Inexpensive cheap retaining wall ideas easily level your backyard as it improves aesthetics, increase privacy, and prevent flooding in your yard.

You can’t do it yourself.

Due to laws and regulations, there are situations when you cannot do it alone.

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